Susan Palace brings a sense of adventure and innovative energy to the weight loss and health field.  As a pioneer in mind/body wellness, Susan blends ancient wisdom with modern science and teaches simple practices to create a new way to serve the millions of Americans struggling with excess weight, low energy, and chronic stress.

Susan is confident and committed to generating fresh ideas and introducing new solutions to help people achieve their wellness goals. Her uplifting approach has helped hundreds of people lose weight, feel better and transform their lives.

Susan developed her passion for teaching and coaching in 1985 when as a “stressed out” Marketing Director for Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, she gained 30 lbs and began suffering from many stress-related ailments. Using some of the techniques she now teaches, she was able literally to transform her own life, improving her health and losing the weight without stress or dieting by enhancing her life holistically.

Susan Palace Health Coach on Atlanta Plugged In for Super Bowl
Atlanta Plugged In, CBS Affiliate, WGCL – TV (Atlanta, GA) – Healthy Super Bowl Spread.

Having overcome her own challenges, she encourages people to embrace obstacles as the way to grow personally and professionally. Her positive attitude invigorates her clients, students, and coaches – motivating them to awaken new insights on their journey toward living well, being well and reaching their full potential. Uber enthusiastic about the potential she sees in others, Susan seeks and celebrates people’s small victories – recognizing them as massive shifts in their transformation process.

As a forward-thinking leader of her team of health coaches, Susan loves engaging and developing leadership skills in others and cultivates a spirit of community that fosters personal growth, collaboration, and friendship. She loves being an entrepreneur and achieving wealth in wellness for herself and others.

Susan presents her “Eating for Energy,” “Relax for Success,” and “Executive Stretch” programs to a variety of organizations including IBM, Cisco, Home Depot, The Weather Channel, Northside Hospital, and Gwinnett Tech College as well as civic groups, churches, and synagogues. Private clients include all ages and stages of life, including business executives and professionals, health professionals, retirees, stay -at -home moms, teachers, and teens.

As a recognized expert in weight loss, healthy living and mind/body health, she appears in media segments featuring topics such as healthy recipes, weight loss, stress relief, yoga, and heart health. Susan has appeared on CBS 46 Better Mornings, CBS 46 Atlanta Plugged in and the CW Atlanta Focus.

Susan received her BBA and MBA from University of Texas at Austin and worked in the healthcare field for 10 years before founding her business in 1995.  She is a certified Integrative Yoga Therapist and received her Health Coach Certification from The McDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (COPE) at Villanova University College of Nursing.  Susan has numerous training certifications and 25 years of study in mind/body health.  Her nationally distributed audio CD called: KidVisions: Empowering Children Through Relaxation and Imagination, is used by health practitioners around the country.

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