Optimal Weight Coaching


I help busy, successful people reach their "happy weight." More than a number on the scale, it is an empowered way of being. It is a choice to enjoy life and focus on what matters most.

• Is your life really busy?
• Are you successful in so many areas of your life but feel curious how you can get taken over so quickly by a cookie?
• Are you doing all the right things— eating organic or healthy and exercising daily —with no results?
• Do you question your belief in yourself when you make another resolution?
• Do you know what to do but don’t have time to do it?

Ugh, I know!

In my quest to look and feel my best—and get to my happy weight—I have discovered powerful strategies to make losing weight a relaxed, simple, and even happy experience.

My mission is to provide an uplifting approach to reaching an optimal weight.  I am passionate about awakening clients to a new relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.

Whether you have a few pesky pounds hanging around, or you want to release a lot of weight, I provide the structure and support to help you succeed.  Our bodies provide the opportunity to learn and grow as people and to expand what is possible in our lives.  I found tools that worked for me and I would love to share them with you!

Your desire, determination and a decision will propel you where you want to go provided you have a few things in place:

  • A proven method and balanced eating program
  • New mindset and practices
  • Support

Every area of our life is enhanced when we look and feel our best.  Reaching a “happy weight” can be an adventure and life enhancing experience.  I would love the opportunity travel with you!

Want to learn more and explore if it is a good fit to work together? Contact me at 404-394-3985 or susan@susanpalace.com to schedule your free optimal weight consultation.

“Susan’s plan was amazing. Just as she said, I lost my cravings and my belly. Susan’s support was invaluable and motivating.” – S.B. Atlanta, GA
“I lost 20 lbs with Susan’s program. I couldn’t believe that it was the easiest thing I have ever done. I was not hungry and had energy. Susan has a wealth of information and was an awesome coach.” – H. S. Houston, TX


Susan Fisher Palace, MBA, RYT

As a coach, speaker and teacher, it is my pleasure and privilege to inspire, educate and accompany you on your journey to extreme wellbeing.

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